Brendon and Toby had big dreams and an idea turned into a plan and a small spark ignited a small crowd-funding effort which snowballed into substantial community support enabling this life-time dream become a reality.

Noticing a lack of a publically accessible shooting range in southeastern Massachusetts, the pair began the brainstorming process which was put into motion in the Fall of 2012. With their combined business acumen and firearms passion they methodically researched ranges and stores throughout the US and developed a solid business plan with laser-focused financial and market forecasts.

The local lenders were given first right of refusal but were reticent on the firearms-themed business model. Bricklin and Leary’s pitch was that they were importing a validated business model into virgin territory, but the locals remained skittish. Through an industry contact they were put in touch with an SBA lender out of Wisconsin who had funded numerous ranges and merrily funded the project.

It didn’t happen overnight. In fact it took years of hard work and building up the venture in steps, the first being a small leased space on Barnstable Road in Hyannis. After getting established in late 2013 there, the business moved next door into a former bank building, then next door to that next to a hair salon.

The company’s fourth location is where they currently own and operate the business in 20,000 square feet of commercial space at 96 Airport Road Hyannis. Bricklin and Leary have been committed to operating the business to the highest standards possible with a focus on Passion, Integrity, and Excellence. They are committed to providing both citizens and law enforcement personnel with a high-quality place to be trained, equipped, and educated in a safe, clean, and professional environment.

The Founders

About Us

Toby Leary, Cape Gun Works co-founder

Toby is the president and co-founder, with business partner Brendon Bricklin, of Cape Gun Works in Hyannis, Mass. He was first introduced to shooting at the age of 12 through the Boy Scouts of America. Although firearms were not welcomed in his household growing up, he was able to participate in target shooting and hunting activities, which fed his hunger for all things firearms. The hobby grew into a way of life. His passion deepened until, on his 18th birthday, he walked into the local police station to get his license to carry. Right away he saw the need for an indoor public shooting range on Cape Cod, and the seed was planted. Toby is now carrying his love for firearms, self defense, and the Second Amendment into making that important business venture thrive. Toby Leary Fine Woodworking has been hired by luxury homeowners on the Cape and islands for 20 years. When Toby is not helping a homeowner plan their kitchen remodel, he’s helping someone select the right firearm and equipment at Cape Gun Works Pro Shop. Toby and his wife, Justine, live in Hyannis with their three children. Stop by and meet the legend.

Brendon Bricklin, Cape Gun Works co-owner

Brendon was introduced to firearms and hunting by his Uncle John. At a young age Brendon and John would traipse all over the once-vast forest of Pine Hills in Plymouth, Mass. in search of whitetail deer. As Brendon scaled the ranks of corporate America, his enthusiasm for the shooting sports remained a prominent hobby. Armed with a couple business degrees and years of corporate experience, it came time to parlay that success into a new venture with his friend Toby Leary, bringing his love of shooting and hunting front and center. He left the corporate world and never looked back. It’s hard for Brendon to call running and co-owning Cape Gun Works “work” when he enjoys the venture with that much fervor. Brendon has two boys and resides in Osterville.

"They’ve been better-stocked throughout the past year than any other gun shop. Every time I stop in, Tim goes above and beyond helping me out with anything from body armor to optics."

E. D’Oliveira

"An excellent, welcoming gun range. I always feel welcomed when I go there, both from the staff and range members. Everyone is happy to help you out if you need it. The range is clean and well-lit with adjustable lighting in the firing booths."

N. Schomburg

"They were polite, knowledgeable, and professional. They made it a comfortable and fun environment for us. Store and range were perfectly clean."

H. Belval

"Excellent customer service. Knowledgeable employees. Great ownership. Always worth the trip. As a customer I felt really appreciated as every one working here was willing to assist. Would recommend a visit."


"I would like to Thank Cape Gun Works for all the private Training! Especially Rod he sold me my 1st gun and I asked if he would give me a couple of class. He was so patient with me and help me so much. I highly recommend CGW!!"

M. Taft

"I couldn’t help but join the range here. Every single staff member I’ve dealt with has been extremely nice and helpful. Great selection of guns and ammo (even in these Democratic times). It’s worth the drive from wherever you’re coming from."

J. Solomon

"Cape Gun Works is an amazing range and store. They have a wide variety of products, their staff is always extremely knowledgeable and helpful, the store is clean and well managed. The employees are friendly, there’s always coffee brewed & they even have an archery selection."

J. Carran

"10/10 would totally recommend Cape Gun works to everyone from beginner to experienced in both firearms and archery! I've purchased a long rifle, ammo and a bow from them so far."

C. Ricci

"It is just all around a 10/10 experience every time I come in. I look forward for many more years with you guys. As well thanks to these guys I heard about USCCA and it's great to have legal protection, Thanks for your service and wonderful referral."

J. Collins

"Absolutely brilliant place. Real professionals. Safety taken seriously and you're trained to use the guns properly. Lots of one on one guidance. I've been to another gun range before and can tell you that's not the case everywhere."

J. Faye

"This was my first time to Cape Gun Works and I will say I left very impressed. Thanks for your welcoming attitude, your friendly staff, and your excellent customer service. Keep it up, it really goes a LONG way"

D. Blackrock

"Knowledgeable people that are eager to help. Great inventory at reasonable prices. Many classes are available for varying degrees of experience. Highly recommended."

T. Tetzlaff

"This was an excellent experience. We would definitely do it again. I had never held a gun before and knew literally nothing. The instructors where informative, knowledgeable and patient."

W. Mitchell

"Cape Gun Works is run as a highly professional, well-thought out business. I’ve been dealing with them going on two years now and have purchased guns, ammo, accessories, gunsmith work, range time, and both private and group lessons at the beginner and intermediate levels"

T. Silver

"From sales to service to an amazing indoor range, Cape Gun Works has it all. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The shop is loaded with great products and always plenty of great firearms for sale!"

R. Buckley

"I really like how they took range safety precautions seriously here. Drove 1 hour here. Even though there’s closer options nearby, I’ll return back to this place for the friendly service the staff has here."

D. Jeong

"Highly recommend this place. Nice range facility and well stocked shop. The classes are great too. I’ve taken private lessons to work on shotgun skills and took their newly added simulator class and both were great experiences."

M. Benjamin

"This place is AMAZING!! Great staff! They are super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The facility is beautiful. I seriously can't say enough good things about this place. Will definitely be looking into becoming a member soon."

R. Orander


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