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You do not need to be a member to shoot at Cape Gun Works!

Shooting a gun should be a safe, comfortable, and fun experience for everyone. We thought through every detail of our indoor gun range design to ensure the comfort and safety of our members, visitors, and employees. 

 The air filtration system at Cape Gun Works is state-of-the-art, providing conditioned, clean air year-round. We provide 15 lanes across two separate ranges. Each of the 15 lanes is equipped with an electronic target-carrier system, its own lighting, and  each lane divider is ballistic-rated head to toe.

The lanes are 25 yards long and are rated to handle up to .50-caliber rifle rounds, including 12 gauge slugs and buck shot. 

 Each shooting lane was planned with both target practice and firearms training in mind. Our advanced classes feature our state-of-the-art indoor ranges, our classroom, and a virtual trainer that simulates real-life situations. Private, group and corporate classes are available. Cape Gun Works can also host your private event. Call us at 508-771-3600. Shooters age 10 and older are welcome! Any shooter under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian at all times or provide a completed third-party minor release waiver, which is available HERE.

No Appointments Necessary at Our Massachusetts Shooting Range

All Class III/National Firearms Act items are welcome with appropriate papers. Cape Gun Works reserves the right to check paperwork and items prior to shooting.

Shotguns are allowed on the firing range with the use of buckshot or slug only (no birdshot).

Standard Hourly Rate: $25 /HOUR PER LANE - GUEST FEE $10 MAX 3 SHOOTERS /LANE

Using the Indoor Shooting Range - Range Rentals and Simulator

Our Massachusetts Gun Range Facility Rental

Cape Gun Works offers a spacious and modern multi-function lecture hall/banquet room, with seating for 49. The area can accommodate private bachelor/bachelorette and birthday parties or corporate meetings and seminars for private or public audiences. Coffee and kitchenette with service space is available. Call 508-771-3600 to book your next event at Cape Gun Works and take in the natural beauty and cultural enrichment that Cape Cod has to offer while you’re here.

Digital Scenario-based Simulator

A large projection screen combined with sophisticated software enables Cape Gun Works to offer a multitude of virtual training drills in a “non live-fire” environment. You will have a fun, safe, and educational time, whether it is improving your aiming skills with the “can toss” or virtual skeet shooting or improving your situational assessments skills by running shoot/no-shoot scenarios in “use of lethal force” practice modules. We strive to serve all segments of the gun-owning community at Cape Gun Works.

Become a Member and Enjoy Special Perks

We do have available range memberships that give you free range time, and give you benefits in the store. You can find them here:

Memberships Here at Cape Gun Works, you do not need a membership to shoot on the range. But they can provide excellent benefits. We have three different levels of memberships, they include the Mid-Week, Full Individual, and Full Plus. Mid-Week: FREE access to the range for one person on week days, Monday-Friday 10A.M. - 8P.M.      Cost: $200 per year + $75 Initiation Fee for the first year Or:      $19 per month + $75 initiation fee for the first month Or:      $400 for 2 years, the initiation fee is waived! Full Individual: FREE access to the range for one person during operating hours Monday-Saturday 10AM-8PM, Sunday 11AM-5PM. PLUS a 5% discount on everything in the store, including GUNS AND AMMO        Cost: $300 per year + $75 Initiation Fee for the first year Or:        $29 per month + $75 Initiation fee for the first month Or:        $600 for 2 years, the initiation fee is waived! Full Plus: FREE access to the range for one person PLUS one guest during operating hours Monday-Saturday 10AM-8PM, Sunday 11AM-5PM. PLUS a 5% discount on everything in the store, including GUNS AND AMMO           Cost: $500 per year +$75 initiation fee for the first year Or:           $50 per month +$75 initiation fee for the first month Or:           $1000 for 2 years, the initiation fee is waived!

Cape Gun Works’ Full Annual and Life Memberships include:

  • Member-Only Sales, Events, and Seminars, Free Eye & Ear Protection Rentals    
  • Access to Member’s Lounge (includes guests while with a member), Special Member Discounts 
  • Free Range Use (members don’t pay per-visit fees)
  • Discounts on purchases in-store and online(excluding consignments)
  • Free Gun Rentalsl
  • Guest Passes, a Free T-shirt and Option for Private Locker Rental

See Memberships

Come Shoot at Our State-of-the-Art Indoor Gun Range! No Gun License Required!

In order to shoot on our range, we require one license to carry per three people. Out of state firearms licenses ARE accepted, however, only the licensed individual can shoot on the range. We require every person over the age of 18 to take our range test and sign our liability waiver once per year to shoot on our range. The minimum age to shoot on the range is 10 years old. At our range, you can rent our firearms, you can bring your own firearms and ammo, you can buy targets or bring your own. Range waiver and test In order to shoot on our range, everybody over the age of 18 needs to take the range test and sign the liability waiver once per year. The link provided below will take you there:

Come shoot a rifle and a pistol! Ask for the Range Experience Package. We give you a safety briefing and supervise. Come in or call for more details and hours of operation. During busy times, there may be a wait or range experience packages may be temporarily unavailable. You can book a private lesson on our calendar for one or multiple people. This is the way to reserve a firearms lesson or experience.

Range Experiences 

Range experiences are a great way to shoot on the range WITHOUT a license to carry. 

 Range experiences need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and there is limited availability. Please email, or contact us at our store number.

Any number of people can shoot in a range experience, providing they are over the age of 10. Minors over 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must have a minor waiver signed. Anybody participating in a range experience over the age of 18 must take our range safety test and sign our liability waiver. 

 During a range experience, each person shoots three different firearms for a total of 50 rounds. We shoot 10 rounds out of a semi-automatic, striker fired handgun, 25 rounds out of a pistol caliber carbine, and 15 rounds out of a semi-automatic rifle. 

 The cost for a range experience is $90 for the first person and $65 per person after the first, up to 4 total. For groups larger than 4, the cost is $75 a person. If the group wants to purchase additional targets and ammo after the 50 rounds, there are no additional fees. Just pay for the targets and ammunition and keep shooting!

Firearm Rentals 

Here at CGW, we like to keep firearm rentals simple. We charge $15 to rent a rifle, and $10 to rent a handgun. Once you pay the rental fee, you can swap out the firearm as much as you please without paying any extra fees. We do require that ammo bought in our store is used with our rentals. 

 Tuesday is free rental day! Come on down on a Tuesday and rent as many firearms as you want without the firearm rental fee.

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Shooting Range FAQ

Can I bring my children to the range? Yes, Anyone age 10 - 21 years of age can shoot with a parent or guardian. You will need to fill out a minor waiver.

Can I shoot without a gun license? Yes. Ask about a Range Experience Package or book a Private Lesson

Do I need to be a member to get a lane to shoot? No! Licensed shooters can rent a lane for $25.00 per hour and $10 per guest to share a lane. A maximum of three people are allowed per lane. We honor out of state firearms licenses, LEOSA, and military ID as valid forms of firearms ID.

Can I recover my ammo casings for reloading purposes? Yes. Only the ammo you brought or purchased, and only the casings that fall behind the shooting line. .

Can I draw from the holster? Maybe. If you have taken our IDS, CFS, APH, or equivalent. Also we allow experienced shooters who can demonstrate to the on-duty RSO that they can safely draw and re-holste .

Do I have to own a gun to shoot at your range? You don't need to own your own gun we have rentals. Private lessons are good for fitting you for a new gun.

Can we shoot shot guns on your range? Yes. Only with Buck Shot or Slugs. No birdshots no target loads please.

Can you take private lesson for all types of firearms? Yes. You can take a lesson for pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Can I rent your class room for an event or party? Yes we have successfully accommodated corporate outings, political fundraisers, birthday parties, and private events. Please contact us for further info.



"They’ve been better-stocked throughout the past year than any other gun shop. Every time I stop in, Tim goes above and beyond helping me out with anything from body armor to optics."

E. D’Oliveira

"An excellent, welcoming gun range. I always feel welcomed when I go there, both from the staff and range members. Everyone is happy to help you out if you need it. The range is clean and well-lit with adjustable lighting in the firing booths."

N. Schomburg

"They were polite, knowledgeable, and professional. They made it a comfortable and fun environment for us. Store and range were perfectly clean."

H. Belval

"Excellent customer service. Knowledgeable employees. Great ownership. Always worth the trip. As a customer I felt really appreciated as every one working here was willing to assist. Would recommend a visit."


"I would like to Thank Cape Gun Works for all the private Training! Especially Rod he sold me my 1st gun and I asked if he would give me a couple of class. He was so patient with me and help me so much. I highly recommend CGW!!"

M. Taft

"I couldn’t help but join the range here. Every single staff member I’ve dealt with has been extremely nice and helpful. Great selection of guns and ammo (even in these Democratic times). It’s worth the drive from wherever you’re coming from."

J. Solomon

"Cape Gun Works is an amazing range and store. They have a wide variety of products, their staff is always extremely knowledgeable and helpful, the store is clean and well managed. The employees are friendly, there’s always coffee brewed & they even have an archery selection."

J. Carran

"10/10 would totally recommend Cape Gun works to everyone from beginner to experienced in both firearms and archery! I've purchased a long rifle, ammo and a bow from them so far."

C. Ricci

"It is just all around a 10/10 experience every time I come in. I look forward for many more years with you guys. As well thanks to these guys I heard about USCCA and it's great to have legal protection, Thanks for your service and wonderful referral."

J. Collins

"Absolutely brilliant place. Real professionals. Safety taken seriously and you're trained to use the guns properly. Lots of one on one guidance. I've been to another gun range before and can tell you that's not the case everywhere."

J. Faye

"This was my first time to Cape Gun Works and I will say I left very impressed. Thanks for your welcoming attitude, your friendly staff, and your excellent customer service. Keep it up, it really goes a LONG way"

D. Blackrock

"Knowledgeable people that are eager to help. Great inventory at reasonable prices. Many classes are available for varying degrees of experience. Highly recommended."

T. Tetzlaff

"This was an excellent experience. We would definitely do it again. I had never held a gun before and knew literally nothing. The instructors where informative, knowledgeable and patient."

W. Mitchell

"Cape Gun Works is run as a highly professional, well-thought out business. I’ve been dealing with them going on two years now and have purchased guns, ammo, accessories, gunsmith work, range time, and both private and group lessons at the beginner and intermediate levels"

T. Silver

"From sales to service to an amazing indoor range, Cape Gun Works has it all. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The shop is loaded with great products and always plenty of great firearms for sale!"

R. Buckley

"I really like how they took range safety precautions seriously here. Drove 1 hour here. Even though there’s closer options nearby, I’ll return back to this place for the friendly service the staff has here."

D. Jeong

"Highly recommend this place. Nice range facility and well stocked shop. The classes are great too. I’ve taken private lessons to work on shotgun skills and took their newly added simulator class and both were great experiences."

M. Benjamin

"This place is AMAZING!! Great staff! They are super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The facility is beautiful. I seriously can't say enough good things about this place. Will definitely be looking into becoming a member soon."

R. Orander


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