Get your LTC or FID in a 4-hour class.

If you are a MA resident, you need to first take a 4-hour Firearms Safety Class. (We call this a LTC Class.) After successfully completing the class, you will be given a certificate. Call your local police department and ask when the firearms licensing office is open. Bring the certificate, positive ID, and your checkbook to the licensing office. You will fill out an application, pay a fee, submit to fingerprinting and photography, and then wait. (Note: The application is very detailed, and asks if you have ever been charged with a criminal offense. Answer truthfully. Any omissions will cause a delay.)

Why do you have to wait? The background check takes a while. Massachusetts was a “may-issue” state, which gives the local police chief wide discretion in the granting of firearms licenses. Now that is changing a bit based on new supreme court rulings to a "shall issue" state. However, you may be invited to an interview with the chief, or their designee, to meet in person, before the license is granted. Massachusetts will continue to require training, like the LTC class we offer. Some departments take a few weeks. Others, a few months. Your local police may have more information on their website. Please contact them for details on you local requirement.

Once the background check is completed, and you are not ineligible, you will be issued an unrestricted License to Carry. You will usually receive a post card in the mail telling you to pick it up at the licensing office. You will also be given a PIN number, like your ATM card, which you will need for any firearm purchase. Once you have your LTC and your PIN, you may now lawfully purchase and carry a firearm in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You must have your PIN at every purchase.

Now then, a few caveats: If you are over 15, but under 21, you can apply for a Firearms Identification Card after you complete the class. This allows you to purchase certain rifles and shotguns, and their ammo. Some communities require a live-fire certification in addition to the LTC Class. Be sure and check, and let your instructor know that you need a live-fire class. We will help you make arrangements.

This is a general description of the LTC application process in MA. Again, some communities require things that others do not. Be polite and patient when dealing with the licensing authority.

There’s lots more to know, but this should get you started. The LTC class is only the beginning of what can be a satisfying, life-long learning experience. See you in class!

Couples LTC Class

Interested in getting a license to carry along with your significant other? Maybe you want one but your partner is a bit shy? Maybe “gun curious”? Or maybe you both can’t wait to get properly trained and out onto the range? Either way, this is the class for you. Our husband-and-wife training team will take you through the MA Firearms Safety Class, and you will each receive a certificate allowing you to apply for your license. This will be a 4 hour class (no live fire) filled with information, along with specific knowledge for female gun owners. (No, the same holsters don’t work for ladies!) After class, there will be refreshments…wine, cheese, and soft drinks… and a question / answer reception. This one is going to be fun, and it will fill up quickly, so don’t wait. Normally $125 per person, this couples-only event is specially priced. (Maximum 15 couples). Note: Some police departments have a live-fire requirement for issuance of a LTC. A live-fire segment can be added later, if necessary. Check with your local police. (Max 15 couples. 1 registration = 2 people)

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